Jerry Gurney 'Mythical and Magical'

Posted by Route One on 17th August 2017

Though there is no doubt young Jerry took quite possibly the second biggest image change skateboarding has ever witnessed a few years back (nobody is stepping up to Chris Cole's fresh to hesh overnight transformation back in the day), there is also no denying the LA Glam Rock influenced ripper is one of the most exciting characters in skateboarding right now.

Sharing with us his 'ender' part from Blood Wizard's latest cinematic offering 'Mythical and Magical,' Thrasher brings the pure and unadulterated hair metal hype that propels Jerry to levels of rad rarely seen in the skateboarding universe. Though cynics may argue his persona is little more than marketing flare, the truth is the Yuba City local knows how to handle his skateboard and he knows how to rock and roll!

Combine his all-terrain attack with an absolutely belting live version of Judas Priest's timeless classic 'Hell Bent For Leather' and you have the perfect recipe for full throttle skate mayhem. Just don't be tempted to eat a frog in the hope of discovering the secret to Jerry's prowess; you'll probably feel quite sick and the RSPCA won't be best pleased!

Blood Wizard