John Shanahan: Mean Streets

Posted by Route One on 1st June 2017

Did Josh Kalis find a time machine in some bushes round the back of Love Park in 1997 or does he have a previously unknown lovechild attempting to follow directly in his footsteps? On the evidence of this brand new part from John Shanahan it looks like Kalis has a lot of explaining to do, either to his missus or the space time continuum!

We jest of course but, in a postmodern age where skateboarding (in fashion sense at least) is very much re-treading old ground, this tribute to late 90's era Kalis is particularly strong. And, please understand us, that's no diss; sure, the originality aspect is somewhat lacking from John's skateboarding but the young DC representative channels the greatest qualities of his influential team mate and even being mentioned in the same breath is praise of the highest order.

Produced by LurkNYC and released by Transworld, this is as 90's an homage as you are likely to find. The skateboarding is very strong, as is his 90's 'fit game - if East Coast ripping on far from perfect spots looking like a G is your thing then you're gonna love this, so we suggest you click play and get in on the hype right now!