Jordan Sharkey Mag Minute

Posted by Route One on 1st March 2017

Fresh from his 'Make it Count' win and his ascension to the sponsored ranks with the interminably excellent Element Brand, Wrexham ripper Jordan Sharkey continues his onslaught on your senses with this unbelievably gnarly 'Mag Minute' for the good folk over at The Skateboard Mag.

Any regular attendee of UK skateboarding events will be well aware of the speed at which Jordan has gone from crazy bearded grom to world class ripper and those of you not familiar with the Vans UK representative really need to get your asses back to school - few UK people are likely to make waves as big as this young man is doing right now!

Mixing perfect Barcelona staples with rugged UK street architecture, this one minute clip is the perfect introduction to Jordan for those yet to witness his skateboarding prowess. And, for the rest of us, it serves as a timely reminder that there are youngsters in our midst ready to shine on the world stage. Keep up Jordan, you're doing the UK proud!