Jordan Taylor’s ‘Gordo2k’ Part

Posted by Route One on 3rd February 2016

There’s something of a 90’s homage feel to this part from Toy Machine and New Balance lad Jordan Taylor but we don’t mean the rolled up dickies/no comply pastiche that still seems to be de riguer.

No, we’re talking a real Jeremy Klein / Daewon Song World Industries era vibe with Jordan’s creative side utilising the best picnic tables and favourable slanting roofs have to offer. Often we have to take a step back in time, re-exploring old ideas from new angles, to push boundaries forward  and the approach on show here certainly blows fresh air into the increasingly stale state of play that is modern day professional skateboarding.

Having first etched his name onto our collective consciousness in Toy Machine’s 2010 release ‘Brainwash’, Brixton rider Jordan certainly pushes the boundaries with his tech/gnar approach and he isn’t afraid to experiment with questionable manoeuvres either; after all, who ever even considered a hippy jump blunt slide before?