Josh Pall Speedway Interview

Posted by Route One on 1st September 2015

Over the past year or so Sidewalk Magazine’s Farran Golding has developed quite a name for himself in interview circles. From his now infamous Austyn Gillette piece to last week’s Westgate chat, Farran seems to have that oh so rare balance between warming up his interviewee so they’re comfortable enough to chat like old friends whilst never overstepping the mark into sycophant territory.

Taking advantage of his industry connections Farran has now set up his own blog ‘Speedway Mag’ to concentrate on the folk that really mean something to him. Having got the ball rolling with an exclusive chat with Mother Collective turned Quasi main man Chad Bowers, Speedway’s latest release is with Passport pro and Aussie Nike SB ripper Josh Pall.

‘Australia, breaking his face and turning pro with Josh Pall’ continues that rich vein of interview form Farran has built his reputation on and it really does deserve your attention. Whilst online releases don’t translate into good toilet reading like print used to, they’re perfect for a rest and a cuppa – bookmark this page as there is sure to be enough for many tea breaks to come!

Click the image below.