Josiah Gatlyn’s “Obvious” Part

Posted by Route One on 2nd March 2016

Seven years ago Josiah Gatlyn was one of the most promising skateboarders on the planet. Having risen to prominence with The Berric’s ‘Bang Yoself’ contest, then secured himself a place on the illustrious Stereo Skateboards programme, it seemed as though the world was his for the taking.

A stint at Zero followed then, for some reason, he simply disappeared. Last year word came out (via a random Youtube comment)  that he’d grown hugely disillusioned with the skate industry as a whole, having found himself resorting to living in his truck, and left it all behind to become a successful animator.

Bitterness aside (and let’s be fair, if sacrificing everything for your dream results in you being homeless despite your dream actually coming true, bitterness is justified) Josiah was a phenomenal talent, as this previously unreleased footage shows. We don’t blame him one bit for leaving it all behind, it’s just a shame we’ll never get to see new footage like this again…