Julian Davidson’s Transworld Offcuts

Posted by Route One on 26th August 2015

It’s a couple of years now since Julian Davidson starred in Transworld’s ‘Perpetual Motion’ video but that hasn’t stopped the guys at the mag releasing his off cuts footage and it also hasn’t stopped Julian being the ultimate in steezy!

The Element and Etnies rider has been blessed with that rarest of rare abilities; not only can he skate the biggest of obstacles and then perform next level moves on them but he can also make everything look seriously good. If you don’t go weak at the knees at his back nose blunt to fakie then you have no soul!

As we said, it’s been a good couple of years since the original part came out and, despite a killer performance on last year’s King of the Road and numerous tours, we haven’t seen a full section from the lad in quite some time. This is a great stop gap but it only goes to reiterate the fact that we want more Julian footage and we want it soon!