Julien Mérour For Honey Pot Wheels

Posted by Route One on 15th April 2015

Lyon based Honey Pot wheels may not have a UK presence as yet but that doesn’t stop this release, from Julien Merour, being absolutely ridiculously great to watch.

Filmed predominantly in Barcelona, you’d be forgiven for thinking every ledge, bank and rail would have been rinsed to within an inch of its life so this section wouldn’t be able to offer much – oh how wrong you would be! Even Macba, which has been constantly skated for over 15 years by pretty much every skater to have ever been born, sees new lines and new tricks being performed on its well worn granite.

This is one of those parts that will make you stop, think and re-evaluate what is possible on a skateboard, Julien Merour really is that good.