Kai Kishi for Crupie

Posted by Route One on 14th May 2020

When a team is founded by the likes of Tiago Lemos & Carlos Ribeiro, you know any addition to the squad is gonna be top notch.

From Javier Sarmiento to Joey Brezinski, the Crupie Wheels roster reads like a who's who of the finest technical skateboarding. So it's no surprise to find that Japanese flow rider Kai Kishi follows suit with some of the smoothest and most difficult ledge skating you'll see this week!

This VX piece, filmed & edited by Eric Iwakura and released by Free Magazine, is predominantly made up of footage from his Primitive days. Of course, since then he's been hand picked by Shane O'Neill to be one of April Skateboards' newest ams, filling us with excitement for what his future is going to bring!