Kevin Bækkel 'Layers'

Posted by Route One on 29th November 2017

Opening up with a van roof ollie to a hill bomb of doom, Creature fiend and Norwegian all terrain destroyer Kevin Bækkel more than comes correct with this brain hemorrhage-inducing part from Martin Strøm's amazing full length Layers.

Featuring ball busting slams, brutal northern European architecture and an insight into young Kevin's love affair with the gnarliest of terrain, this Vryju melodic doom accompanied assault to your senses pits our protagonist against transition and rails the likes of which are more than enough to make most grown men shudder with fear.

Emerica backed beast Kevin isn't "most men" as fans of this year's KOTR will testify and he steps up to the most bed-wettingly scary of obstacles with little to no apprehension. This is real balls to the wall (or, more aptly, balls to the handrail) stuff - click play now to get some...