Kevin Terpening’s HUF Classic Part

Posted by Route One on 28th July 2015

To coincide with the release of the ‘HUF Classic’ shoe, FA’s Kevin Terpening has released a brand new part over on the Thrasher website and is quite possibly the most on point section of 2015.

Huf rider Terps takes the tricks that have been making waves over the past 18 months and puts them to obstacles and scenarios that keep them not only fresh but exciting too. Combined with his timeless style we have a part that could so easily have seemed trite but somehow manages to be nothing but utter radness.

Like anything, trick overuse can lessen impact over time but the Canton, Ohio native has that oh so rare knack of being able to make the simplest of things look great; meaning the no complies, slappies and hippy jumps (so regularly applied to street architecture these days) will require multiple viewings, not an immediate turn off. Plus the lad has some serious pop and traditional tech to back it up, which always helps. Long live Terps!