Korahn Gayle’s Skate Café Korahnzo Part

Posted by Route One on 22nd December 2015

Oh my word, Skateboard Café have only gone and released the best UK based clip since they last released a UK based clip (that was Mike Arnold’s amazing ‘Alfresco’ part if you were wondering).

Appearing online late Monday afternoon, this VX clip of the recently married Nike SB rep Korahn cements the happiest man in Bristol as one of the greatest skateboarders this island has ever produced. Filmed and edited by the pairing of Rich Smith and George Nevin and featuring some truly mind blowing skateboard trickery, some of which you’ll recognise from the recent Bones UK tour feature in Sidewalk 222, Korahn really isn’t messing about in this one.

As well as his mastery of the usual flip trick suspects (including his trademark ‘best fakie flip in the UK’) Korahn mixes in some truly unexpected hippy jump gnar, including a many combo that is as much a face melter as you are ever likely to see. Dig in now, with this section Christmas really has come early.

KORAHNZO PART from Skateboard Cafe on Vimeo.