Krew ‘Melt Your Face Off’ Tour Vid

Posted by Route One on 14th May 2014

Krew Clothing took Lizard King, Windsor James, Ryan Reyes, Pat Burke and a whole host of others  across the States and this resulting tour vid turns the stoke levels up to 11.

Park footage, raw street and the gnarliest of ditches get taken apart by the massive ‘Krew’ (sorry, we couldn’t resist!); roofs get dropped, rails get flipped, backyard pools get destroyed (front blunt in an actual pool? Get outta town!) meaning it’s pretty much everything you could ever want from a tour vid all set to a banging stoner rock soundtrack.

At ten minutes long this clip deserves your full attention so grab a pew and have a watch; there is no doubt you’ll be wanting to get out for a roll the second it finishes.