Kyron Davies #Nolongerawasteman

Posted by Route One on 1st June 2016

Free Skate Magazine continue their online onslaught with this fantastic clip from Cliché Skateboards’ Harrow connection Kyron Davies.

Filmed by Will Miles and set to the dulcet tones of the one and only Nina Simone, Nike SB’s London boy comes good with some truly creative bank skating, intricate lines and the odd hefty jump. Jeremie Daclin did always like his skateboarders to have more than a touch of fluidic flare and Kyron has it in spades!

Filmed primarily in his home town (with occasional appearances from NYC and BCN), this is the kind of skateboarding that has made Cliché one of the most respected brands on earth and Kyron certainly adds to that pedigree here.

Click play, we promise you’re gonna be big fans of this one.