Lakai: Messin’ With Texas

Posted by Route One on 2nd July 2014

We’re certainly being spoiled this week, what with the Fourstar clip and now this little belter from Lakai featuring Vincent Alvarez, Mike Carroll, Stevie Perez and John Sciano.

Much like the afore mentioned Fourstar clip, with Lakai you know what to expect; great filming, fun times and great skateboarding. In this you get ditches galore, perfect parks and crusty street spots all getting shredded – even the indoor demo footage is off the chain!

To be honest, the clip really belongs to West Covina, CA’s Vincent Alvarez – he shuts down pretty much every spot with his wild, flowy, loose truck style – when someone shines more than Mike Carroll you know they’re killing it. Gotta give a shout out for the shuv nose slide ender too: banger!