Lakai x Emerica: Stay Flared

Posted by Route One on 19th August 2015

When the combined US tour of Lakai and Emerica was first announced we couldn’t quite believe how lucky those kids that’d get to see it would be; just thinking about the combined talents of such a heavy hitting crew damn near sent us into meltdown!

And now, after waiting for what seems like an eternity, the first of the Thrasher serialised ‘Webisodes’ is up online. Starting off In Washington, DC at the legendary Pulaski park, before moving around the city hitting up street spots and one hell of a gnarly demo, this first episode sets the scene for what is surely THE must see online experience of the year. Spanky’s wallie boardslide alone makes this absolutely essential viewing.

With a crew consisting of Reynolds, MJ, Hsu, Westgate, Biebel, Carroll, Howard, Templeton, Kirchart, Mariano, Hawk, Romero and more this is not something you can afford (or want ) to miss. There’s an episode every day this week – get on it!