Lee Yankou’s ‘Bath Salts’ Part

Posted by Route One on 2nd December 2015

Lee Yankou has been a firm favourite of ours for quite some time. From his stand out part in Think’s ‘Business as usual’ to his wobbly truck aided spot annihilation in Transworld’s ‘Outliers’, the young man from Ontario has kept it fast, loose & only just within the realms of control!

Heroin Skateboards' latest full length release ‘Bath Salts’ premiered a few weeks back and, as is often the case these days, they’ve released a couple of parts online to build up that all important hype. Zack Krull’s part was first up and was damn impressive but it’s more Yankou goodness that really set our pulses racing.

Silly levels of pop, the continuation of the darkslide revival and nollie heels over road gaps – that’s just the first minute! It’s a safe assumption that we needn’t say anymore…