Little Paradise – Filming in Progress

Posted by Route One on 7th October 2015

Bristol DSLR enthusiast James Harris’ follow up to the brilliant ‘Perfect Blues’ sees its first teaser hit the airwaves with this tantalising clip.

Featuring Route One team riders Nicky and Manhead, A Third Foot’s Andy Coleman and Jess young plus the Hammerhouse’s former roomie and life-long BFF Dave Snaddon, this is sure to be one of the best independent UK releases for quite some time.

The actual promo clip below gives you an insight into the nature of the beast itself: beautiful filming, washed out Bristol grimness and a trick from everyone involved. The graphics are properly on point too so it really does appear to be the complete ‘British’ package; we can’t wait!

Little Paradise - filming in progress from James Harris on Vimeo.