Lizzie Armanto 'Fire'

Posted by Route One on 25th April 2017

Birdhouse skateboards' Lizzie Armanto has become quite the house hold name over the past eighteen months, figuratively setting the skate world alight with her ascension to pro-dom, so naming her brand new part 'Fire' was an obvious choice!

Skateboarding has a strong history of gutsy female role models and though Lizzie may have recently followed in the footsteps of legendary Orange County ripper Cara Beth Burnside, the first woman to grace the cover of veritable skate bible Thrasher magazine, with this ground-breaking transition heavy section she is carving her own path to skateboarding immortality.

Padless inverts and massive airs in the gnarliest of concrete bowls sit alongside lip tricks both classic and contemporary. In the world of big ramp skating she more than holds her own and proves her pro credentials without a doubt; you don't get picked up by the Birdman unless you bring something special to the table and Lizzie really does. In fact she lands her ender immediately after taking a full on vert slam to the face, we can't think of many other people determined enough to be doing that!