Louie Lopez' West End Part

Posted by Route One on 29th November 2017

Well, what a Monday that was! World class content was coming at us from every angle and rising like the proverbial cream to the top (alongside Krooked's mindmelting full length 'Let's Skate Dude' which we'll cover shortly) was Flip pro Louie Lopez in this insane new Volcom backed part over on Thrasher.

As has become standard in recent years, those strongest of potential candidates for Thrasher's illustrious 'Skater of the Year' award release late in the year projects and Converse Cons rep Louie's approach is no different. Backing up his win in the only competition that actually counts (Tampa Pro, obviously) with an all out assault the the senses, Hawthorne CA native Lou authoritatively stakes his claim for the most prestigious award in skateboarding today.

Has he done enough to usurp expected winner Jamie Foy, or people's champ Tiago Lemos? Only Jake Phelps himself can decide. Does it really matter? Of course not; the main thing is the lad has dropped some seriously rad skateboarding for us all to enjoy that only adds to his already impressive legacy, and at 23 there are plenty more years left in the tank for this young ripper!