Lucas Puig Instagram Remix Vol.2

Posted by Route One on 11th August 2015

If you aren’t following Cliché and adidas pro Lucas Puig on Instagram then you are missing out, it's as simple as that really! Don’t believe us? Watch this latest round of remixed clips and prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor…

When we interviewed him on last summer’s ‘Where’s Cliché?’ tour he said that insta clips were not important and it was simply him messing about, nothing more than that. Whilst we don’t doubt his sincerity we have to point out that his “messing about” is absolutely world class!

In this day and age, when everyone has a phone that’ll film a clip or two, it’s easy to film at most of your sessions. As Lucas said, this usually means documenting the kind of fun stuff you wouldn’t waste your time with using a proper camera; It’s just his stuff is just so gosh darn ridiculous it’s simply unfair!