Magnus Borderwick’s Firetre Part

Posted by Route One on 22nd December 2015

Norwegian hip hop and twocking trackies are the order of the day with this cracking part from Oslo native Magnus Borderwick.

1990’s car thief attire aside,  the adidas Norway representative has burst onto the international scene via the ever brilliant Thrasher website with a part that is wowing young and old alike. The radness of his high speed lines in the crustiest of Scandinavian streets are matched only by the size of his pop and the dopeness of his flick.

There are very few people out there who can pull off the ability to look like they’ll start blasting dubstep out of their phone on the back of the 42 bus whilst also having that ‘oh so rare’ knack of being an absolute beast on a board – Magnus manages it with ease. We reckon you’re really gonna like this…