Manolo’s Tapes: Danny Cerezini

Posted by Route One on 27th January 2016

When Flip Skateboards quickly followed up the seminal ‘Sorry’ with ‘Really Sorry’ in 2003, many skateboarders could easily have been forgiven for overlooking the addition of Danny Cerezini to the team. When the hottest commodity of said era, Patrick John Ladd, joins the crew it’s easy to seemingly fall back into the shadows!

A stint over at Blind seemed to reinvigorate a very promising career and now, at the age of 28, Danny sits proudly alongside the likes of Danny Montoya and Rob Gonzalez on the pro roster at BLVD skateboards.

Step forward everyone’s favourite skate remix artist (and the man with the biggest bag of sound effects in the game) Manolo to show what the young man from Long Beach is capable of; giving Danny’s archive footage the once over and proving once and for all, just because you’re not PJ Ladd, your skateboarding really shouldn’t be slept on.