Marek Zaprazny For Primitive

Posted by Route One on 24th November 2016

As it currently stands, Marek Zaprazny isn't part of the full Primitive squad, instead limited to being an 'International band ambassador'. On the evidence of this simply amazing part we can't see that remaining the case much longer!

Truth be told we hadn't even heard of Slovakian national Marek until yesterday when we saw this brand new clip floating about Facebook but, rest assured, we're all big fans of the young man now; when he's starting lines with nollie inward heal back noseblunts it'd be impossible not to!

Primitive do have one hell of a team, that goes without saying; the likes of Shane O'Neill, P Rod and Bastien Salabanzi would make welcome additions to any team in any era of skateboarding. Those guys are all knocking on a bit now though but with the likes of Diego Najera and now Marek Zaprazny coming through the company's future (at the forefront of super stylish, uber technical skateboarding) is in the safest of hands.