Mark Appleyard 'Bangin'

Posted by Route One on 27th July 2017

Remember when style was important and how skateboarding used to be beautiful? Mark Appleyard does and he's bringing it back, courtesy of forty seconds of 'Bangin' based brilliance over on the Berrics!

For those of you not party to skateboarding's wondrous appeal prior to all encompassing takeover of the Youtube Hero generation, Mark Appleyard (or Applebutters as he was affectionately known) was the pinnacle personification of what it meant to look good riding a skateboard. Sure, his tricks were exceptionally hard and he broke new ground in terms of his technical endeavours, but the main aspect that propelled his name to the very top of the game was that of his grace under pressure.

Though he's now only a few months shy of his 35th birthday and he certainly isn't holding court with uploads of unboxing videos, Mark proves yet again how vital he is to this pastime we all hold so dear. We'll admit it, we love a relatable vlog as much as the next guy but sometimes you need to be reminded of the finer things in life and Mark Appleyard's skating is as fine as it gets. Click play to see how it should be done.