Matt Miller 'Visual'

Posted by Route One on 22nd July 2020

Mention the name 'Matt Miller' a decade ago and everyone knew. The biggest pop and the realest steeze in the game, no messing. Then his interest in real estate took over and popping onto ledges too high to sit on became a thing of the past, or so we thought...

So stoked we thought wrong! Matt is back and this brand new clip is every bit as exciting as his legendary 2014 DC 'Pro' part.And though he might well be sitting on a fat wedge from his success in the housing game he isn't letting his wallet weigh him down; every trick is as popped and as proper his legacy demands.

From down hill SF lines to school yard nollie flip front blunts, Matt knows the text book technique and then adds 10 inches of float. You really can't argue with that!