Max Geronzi Is Pro!

Posted by Route One on 30th June 2016

It’s safe to say we are massive fans of Max Geronzi here at Route One and, truth be told, we can’t remember a section of his we haven’t shared with you. And with good reason; the lad is a proper beast of the highest order!

With that in mind we are massively stoked to share the news that Jeremie and the rest of the Cliché boys have seen fit to reward his insane output over the past few years with a bump up to the pro ranks and an amazing new part to celebrate the occasion.

Released under the Thrasher banner and featuring a mixed bag of some truly mind blowing skateboarding, this part from the Perpignan native builds on everything we’ve known to love about him and his fun based approach to riding his skateboard. At the ripe old age of 25 the Nike SB rider may well have spent a few years in the man am camp but this section proves beyond doubt his pro pedigree is without question!