Memory Screen #20 Brent Atchley

Posted by Route One on 5th August 2020

Few people have had a pro career as short and as significant as Portland, Oregon's Brent Atchley.

Seemingly coming out of nowhere before turning pro for Element, then the biggest brand on the planet, Brent influenced a million street kids to skate tranny and inspired fast footed ollies in a million more before disappearing as quickly as he came. With that loosey goosey style and an ability to manipulate his board as fluidly as his body, the impact of his short lived mid 00's reign resonates to this day as those who were around to witness it still try to emulate his floppy wrist push.

But what if you weren't skating back in '06? Well, the chances are you've never even heard of the dude, let alone realised a lot of how you skate comes directly from him. Thankfully Memory Screen have amalgamated the best of his two Element parts (alongside snippets that have made their way public since then) and offer up this remix as the perfect introduction to one of the best to ever do it.

If you didn't know before, now there's no excuse.