Michi Von Fintel ‘Trap Part’

Posted by Route One on 15th July 2015

We won’t lie, before Kingpin released this clip of Trap Skateboards’ Michi Von Fintel we’d neither heard of the Hamburg based ripper or his board sponsor and we wouldn’t blame you for being part of the uneducated masses either; skateboarding is such these days that everyone is good, sometimes it’s simply too hard to pay attention to everybody!

But pay attention of Michi we will now (and we won’t be forgetting an amazing name like his in a hurry!). This part is straight up bonkers; this is the kind of ‘leap off a building’ gnarlieness not witnessed in recent years. Perhaps it is the advent of low impact wallie/no comply/highwater trouser skateboarding that proves the contrast to this so greatly but we have to say – this really is something pretty badass!

Give it a watch now.

Michi Von Fintel Trap Part a Skateboarding video by kingpin