Mike Carroll 'Return of the Flair'

Posted by Route One on 21st February 2017

He's one of the most influential skateboarders of all time; from establishing the art of street skating, through pioneering the craft of taking a trick and making it beautiful, to spearheading the Skater Owned business model; Mike Carrol has done it all. If you were around in the nineties, everything you did was influenced by the style and spirit of this man.

And now, fresh from the news that the latest Lakai full length nears completion, Youtube remix master Daniel Policelli has released this consolidation of all Mike's 'post Fully Flared' coverage for your viewing pleasure. Not only does it titillate the senses, proving once again that few can hold a candle to his skateboarding aesthetic, it also serves as the perfect appetizer for 'The Flare' - after watching this you can consider our appetites whet!