Modern Love – David Bowie and Skateboarding

Posted by Route One on 17th June 2015

When not terrorising LA based London Video artists or Scottish Music Journalists on the forum with his contentious opinions and pseudo-aggressive demeanour, Sidewalk Magazine’s roving V-Neck reporter Farran Golding can be found writing some of the best articles currently produced in British skate media.

His recent foray into discussing the decades old relationship between Ziggy Stardust himself and the standardised format of the skate video section is quite possibly his best work yet.

Taking the click bait style format of ‘one page per subsection’ may often seem trite in this world of views equating to ad revenue but this article really does benefit from the structure this entails. Each section discussed is embedded and then broken down beautifully as the young northerner waxes lyrical about not only the skateboarding itself but the composite way in which the tricks themselves intertwine with the subtle nuances of various Bowie tracks from his 26 album career.

Skateboarding is often brash, course and foolhardy yet it can also be the most beautiful of prose. Sidewalk are putting out a number of articles these days that examine the more intellectual side of skateboarding and they are as worthy of every minute of your time as the latest Berrics clip – click Arto's El Toro front board hammer below to get reading!