Mystery Welcomes Jordan Maxham

Posted by Route One on 11th January 2017

Anyone who is familiar with the work of Jordan Maxham knows just what a tremendous talent the young man from Vermont is on a skateboard. Last years' Warco part blew virtually every other man-am out of the water.

Though he's somehow remained in the shadow of good friend Chris Colbourn for quite some time, despite stand out tricks in Ty Evan's 'We Are Blood' film, Jordan is finally about to get the recognition he deserves by moving onto the heavily stacked Mystery Skateboards team and doing so with a clip so gnarly we suggest you sit down before pressing play; the danger levels are so high you could do yourself an injury just watching it!

Illegal switch Frontside Flips aside, the trick selection in this is seriously bonkers and done down the gnarliest of stuff - when did you ever see a Tailblock slide transfer over a skinny ledge? In this part only, that's where! Creativity isn't a no-comply and a token Wallride in Jordan's world; oh no, he proper digs deep into his thinking cap, all the while keeping things dangerous as hell. If you're one of those kids that's wanting to know what you need to do to get sponsored you could do a lot worse than take inspiration from your boy Jordan...