NASS 2014

Posted by Route One on 16th July 2014

It really doesn’t need saying but obviously we’re gonna say it anyway: NASS 2014 went off!!!

Whether you were lucky enough to get to the front of Cypress Hill’s set or instead preferred to spend your weekend perusing the burger stand options and taking in everything that went down in the Pro Park – if you were at NASS the chances are you had a blast.

As we always do, we sent a number of the lads from the R1 skate team along to compete in the main skate event and we have to say that Dougy, Manhead and Remon did us proud. Manhead especially, given he qualified in second place and then managed to take a very respectable 7th in the finals. Of course we captured the best of the weekend’s skate action on film for you, so click play to see what the infamous cowshed  had to offer this year!