National Skate Co Promo

Posted by Route One on 20th December 2017

Free Skate Mag closes the year with an absolute hammer - the brand new National Skate Co promo! Six minutes of prime British (and Euro) cuts, all expertly captured by Ryan Gray and his trusty VX2100.

For those of you thinking UK skateboarding begins and ends with Palace, this serves as a flawless illustrative example of there being a lot more to shredding this scepter'd isle than tracksuit-selling gully roadmen from the home counties. Opening with new blood Joshua Gregory before celebrating the promotion of Denis Lynn to the pro ranks, this latest video carries on perfectly from where their debut full length left off last summer and proves there's a lot more to our nation's collective bow than Lev and his admittedly amazing crew.

With an impeccable brand identity (and one hell of a team to boot) it's hard not to fall head over heels in love with all things National, especially when they drop Vaughn 'Motherf*ckin' Jones, Tom Harrison and our good mate Manhead into the mix. Skateboarding might be in a weird place right now but we know things this side of the pond are in safe hands; Ryan and the boys do things properly and this is a clip we're gonna be banging on repeat for quite some time to come!

Click here to check it out...