New Chris Cole Section!

Posted by Route One on 12th March 2014

Legendary Zero pro Chris Cole, like a lot his fellow Street League brethren, is an opinion divider but not in the traditional sense. Whilst the accusation of boring “tramline” skating is levelled at his compatriots, the term “mosher” is more likely to be heard coming from those who aren’t a fan of Cole’s skating.

We fear though, that these people are missing out on enjoying one of the most talented skaters to ever set foot on a board and also someone who simply doesn’t care what is cool or not and instead concentrates on having a laugh; surely the most important aspect of skateboarding.

Take this brand new DC released section for example; whilst skating the famous red transition obstacle in China, instead of concentrating on an insanely hard lip combo Chris throws a 360 varial out of the side – when did you last see one of those!?! A minute later and he’s knocking out never ever been done ledge combos just for a laugh. Chris Cole may well split opinion but we will always relish the opportunity to watch the lad skate…