New Lakai Footwear

Posted by Route One on 26th October 2015

Lakai footwear, founded by Mike Carroll and Rick Howard in 1999, have been playing an essential part of the skater owned back bone since it's existence, showing that even against the big sports brand companies it still holds it own, for skaters by skaters.
And to prove it they have released another rad selection of fetching footwear, specifically the Griffin and Guymar models, well thought out, simple designs with nothing but skateboarding in mind...

The Griffin XLK is one of Lakai's updated version of the original Griffin silhouette upper, with this they have combined the signature XLK performance cup sole with a herringbone tread pattern and equa form mid sole. This particular black on black colour way is a personal favorite of ours.

Who doesn't love Guy Mariano? And who wouldn't love this new approach to his latest pro model?
Lakai have taken the vulcanized sole to a whole new level, providing comfort and protection with a rounded bottom edge that stops the shoe bottoming out under impact. You'll be thanking Guy for your purchase when you're feet are left bruise free and ultimately dapper at the same time...