New Primitive Pro - Devine Calloway

Posted by Route One on 2nd February 2016

Devine Calloway was pretty much non existent on the worlds skateboarding radar for some time, this was more than likely due to the classic unlucky repetitive injury streak. Which is always a shame when one of the silkiest skateboarders to have lived simply disappears for years, but not to fret he's made more than a come back with the introduction for his new pro board on Primitive skateboards.

If you're old enough to remember him as the young City stars representative with the worlds chunkiest air bubble Axion shoes combined with a head full of dread's and a well tightened 7.5" setup you'll be fully acquainted with his seamless finesse on a skateboard.
Although he is more predominantly known for his professional standing on the Chocolate skateboards team, he killed it for years pushing the ledge tech genre but also not being afraid to nonchalantly leap down rails and stairs at a whim.
Now it seems he's fully recovered from his ailments and is absolutely killing it, which is more than proven in this new clip introducing his purple elk pro boards which will be in stock in a couple of weeks, we will keep you posted.

But for now watch the two clips below courtesy of Primitive skateboards, and check how insanely good Brian Peacock is, with added cameo from Devine, who by the way is still the best!