Nick Boserio: No Cash Value Part

Posted by Route One on 15th July 2015

Zero Skateboards' Aussie gnarler Nick Boserio gets the exclusive Thrasher treatment with the release of his part from the ‘No Cash Value’ video.

Harking back to the brand’s golden days of Misled Youth, Boserio straight up annihilates everything in his path. This is no nonsense, no gimmick skateboarding at its most crushing and it’s no surprise ‘The Boss’ decided to turn him pro. When you can skate like this there simply is no other option!

Obviously, given Zero’s skate video pedigree, this is a strictly VX1000 affair and (although we’re sure certain die hard HD fans may disagree) it really does capture the essence of such downright raw radness at its best. Dig in