Nick Jensen’s Green Zine Interview

Posted by Route One on 22nd December 2015

Fresh on the heels of the long awaited debut release from Isle skateboards, Greenzine have sat down with the driving force behind Vase and one of the stand out stars of the vid, London native and UK Lakai representative Nick Jensen.

Recorded in the presence of Vase film maker Jacob Harris, Nick discusses the making of the film at length as well as his approach to the art direction of the brand, what he thinks the public will take from it and why they have no Northerners on the team!

The interview itself was conducted by Sidewalk mag and Rock Solid Distribution affiliate Farran Golding. In the past we’ve sung his praises but apparently that’s embarrassed him in front of his cool guy mates so we’re not giving him any props this time around, even if it is a damn good interview that we wholeheartedly implore you to read!

Click that kickflip below.