Nick Steenbeke: Insta Remix

Posted by Route One on 2nd March 2016

Well blow us down, if this isn’t some of the most technical skateboarding we’ve seen in 2016 we don’t know what is!

Ride Channel have seen fit to release the in-vogue ‘Insta Remix’ from Primitive Skateboards' Belgian connection Nick Steenbeke and it is downright bonkers; man should not have this much control of a skateboard!

The DC ripper really is a level above and then some; the ledge dancing he is capable of really has been turned up to eleven and his manual skills, mixed in with micro transition ripping, though not the prettiest thing you’ll ever see,  exude extreme confidence in his balance ability.

You know how there’s always one dude at every park who’s properly addicted to tech? Nick Steenbeke is their overlord and ruler on high…