Nick Tucker is Pro for Diamond

Posted by Route One on 21st March 2018

Let's be fair, Paul Rodriguez knows talent in skateboarding. Like obviously he's amazingly gifted himself but, as well as his own special set of skills when it comes to switch stance manipulation of that board beneath his feet, he also seems to recognise sparks of brilliance in others that set them apart from their peers; a commodity he nurtures until it blossoms into something we all can appreciate.

Take Nick Tucker for example. Sure he was getting boards from Sk8Mafia before his tenure with Primitive began but did you really pay him much attention? When P-Rod brought him and Carlos Ribeiro over to Bay 66 a few years back did you actually care at all or were you more hyped on the promise of one of Paul's signature switch tre's? Basically he was one of those guys you knew was good, just like everybody is these days, but none of us knew he was good good. Well, except for Paul Rodriguez that is.

Fast forward a few years and not only is Nick established as a pro for Primitive, one of the biggest brands in the world, but he's now only gone and received his debut pro shoe for Diamond, which this here clip celebrates. Can we say much about the shoe? Not really as we haven't caught a glimpse in the flesh yet. Can we say much about Nick's skating? Hell yeah; it looks as though P-Rod was spot on when he knew this lad was special, right from the very start...