Nike SB Crust Belt Tour

Posted by Route One on 24th January 2019

America's "Rust Belt" is a name that conjures up images of dilapidated heavy industry and once proud towns abandoned by the Globalist gains of Neo Liberalism. An area primarily based around the Great Lakes, these forgotten towns and people, once proudly proclaiming the title of the nation's back bone, find themselves disintegrating and without worth as investment passes them by, their communities ignored and left without hope.

 As tragic as that may seem on a humanitarian level, to a skate team it offers the opportunity of a whole host of abandoned properties on which to play and that exactly what select members of the Nike SB crew did in their latest edit, the 'Crust Belt' Tour.

 Featuring the truly phenomenal Antonio Durao alongside the equally exciting Yuto Horigome, the madness of "Loose Trucks" Max Palmer, the power of the one and only Mason Silva and the ever entertaining Italian Wunderkind Jacopo Carozzi, this is four minutes of magnificent skateboarding that might just make you forget about the world's troubles for a second and remember the beautiful escape that our four wheeled wooden toy can bring.