Nike SB: Europe Vs Brazil

Posted by Route One on 18th June 2014

Cliché Skateboards’ London connection Kyron Davies is undoubtedly the star of the show in this stunningly shot Nike SB piece, part of their ‘Brotherhood of the feet’ series which they are using to advertise skating whilst the Football World Cup takes place.

The vid features a number of European riders including the aforementioned Kyron, Perpignan native Maxime Geronzi, the smoothest German in town Denny Pham, everyone’s favourite Ginger heelflipper Wieger and the legend that is Daniel Lebron, plus the likes of Luan Oliveira making it up for the South Americans.

Featuring voiceovers from each of the guys in regards to what the relationship between football and skateboarding means to them, the clip does get a tad serious at times but the simply brilliant skateboarding definitely carries it through. Click play for six minutes of radness!