Nike SB 'Hopefuls and Nopefuls'

Posted by Route One on 23rd January 2020

You really can't front on Nike SB! Sure, they've got budgets that nobody else can come close to but, even when you factor in their baller status, the frequency in which they are releasing thoroughly enjoyable content is still awe inspiring.

Take the latest clip 'Hopefuls and Nopefuls.' The likes of Nyjah, Grant and Ishod messing about in a petrol station forecourt? That's skateboard gold right there!

We're not sure how much we buy the "lead up to Tokyo" strap line, we reckon this is just skaters doing as they've always done - having a laugh with mates when there's summat that looks skateable - and that the Olympics is pretty much the furthest thing from their minds. But if that's what's needed for those holding the purse stings to justify spending those marketing dollars on clips like this then we can get behind it - it's worth it for Ishod's nollie shuv-it dink things alone. They're definitely getting learned this week!