Nike SB: Shane O'Neill 'The Extra Bit'

Posted by Route One on 20th February 2020

Opening with archive footage of a young Shane skating alongside the much loved Lewis Marnell (RIP), this promo from Nike SB for Shane's new shoe is just about as perfect a clip as you're gonna get this year.


Featuring the kind of skateboarding that will have you shouting at the screen (we're not joking, it's impossible to sit through this without at least one or two verbal expletives), this four and a half minute advertorial puts to rest worries that Shane, now in his 30's, was starting to slow down and take a back seat as an industry figure head. Put simply, this takes technical ledge dancing and does a full on Nigel Tufnel, turning that sh*t up to eleven. No two ways about it!


And that's all there is to say about it really. It's had nearly half a million views in its first few days on line and with good reason, just when you think skateboarding reaches its technical zenith Shane pops up again and proves what you thought you knew to be nonsense. Who knows how good he'll be when he reaches his final form!