Nyjah Huston’s OMFG Part

Posted by Route One on 4th November 2015

“The most electrifying skateboarder in sports entertainment” has recently switched up shoe sponsors, leaving DC with all arrows pointing at joining the Swoosh, and subsequently won’t be able to use any footage in his old kicks; meaning he’s had to drop this insane part due to nowt but brand politics!

The Element pro and Street League superstar certainly splits opinion but regardless of which side of the love him/hate him fence you sit on, you cannot deny his insane level of ability; he does tricks in this that would be amazing on ledges, yet he’s performing them on very big handrails!

As usual Thrasher have the honour of hosting the part and we cannot imagine the kind of traffic this must be driving; when you’re casually knocking out combos that Mark Suciu would struggle to contort himself into you know people are going to want to see it!