Olympian Remedy - HTL Summer Supplement 2016

Posted by Route One on 10th August 2016

Sick of Rio and talk of medals already? The 2016 Olympics may be less than a week old but anyone watching the news or checking the Facebook trending topics would be forgiven for thinking the entire world has been put on hold whilst participants of the most random sports (let's not discuss 2020's inclusion of skateboarding at this juncture quite yet!) battle it out to win themselves a gold medal and the chance to go down in legend in their respective fields.

One man who definitely has had enough is London centric film maker and HD camera wielder extraordinaire, Mr Henry Edwards Wood. This brand new edit, featuring the likes of Shaun Witherup, Chris Oliver, Blondey McCoy and more is the perfect antidote to mainstream competitive sporting action and the media circus surrounding it right now.

So yeah, skateboarding is due to be a part of all of this in four years time and, truth be told, we're not quite sure exactly how we feel about this. Henry does though, so we'll leave you with his words: "Skateboarding is fundamentally not a sport but, like anything, you can make it one if you want to. We don't want to but each to their own. Just remember where skateboarding came from and be sure the next generation can see there's more to it than winning a medal."

Amen to that.