'On Your Marc'

Posted by Route One on 27th March 2017

So, are we seeing the start of the "creative ideas" the powers that be at Lakai allegedly stifled, or will this homage to the 80's sitcom be the last of Marc Johnson's forays into artistic endeavours with adidas' marketing budget?

Who knows; what we can say for certain is that this new video has definitely polarised opinion. In the clip your protagonist finds himself in wackier and wackier scenarios, riffling off a comedic monologue towards a pair of his brand new shoes. Some people are loving the humour, others cringing with a severe case of second hand embarrassment; it really is the most 'marmite' of marketing strategies we've seen since Powell Peralta debuted "Scumbucket & Bad Person" back in 1990!

One thing we can all agree on is Marc's otherworldly skills on a board and thankfully we get a glimpse at his delicate wizardry towards the end of the piece. Whether a beautifully executed Nosegrind Backlip is worth the amusing precursor is something you'll have to decide for yourself, give it a watch and see what you reckon...