Palasonic Drops!

Posted by Route One on 9th November 2017

 Yep, you read that right! Seven years in the making and more hyped than Christmas, Lev and the Palace boys finally released their long awaited first full length vid 'Palasonic' for free on Vimeo last night so we could hardly let the moment pass by uncovered!
 Featuring all the guys who've helped propell the brand stratospheric and filmed in that classic Hi8 vision that Palace have made their own, this is everything we'd hoped for and more!
 Palasonic opens with the massively underrated Rory Milanes, contains a shared Lucas/Jamal part (who saw that coming!?!?), a Viccy bench segment and quite possibly the greatest sections Lucien Clarke and Danny Brady have released to date
 As far as British skateboarding goes this video is totally unmissable - click play on the mwad ting now.