Paul Rodriguez 'Never' Unmastered

Posted by Route One on 20th June 2018

It's easy to forget how much blood, sweat and tears our favourite pro's have to put in producing the clips they make to entertain us. We see their consistency at demos or at events like Street League and assume it all comes easy. We think hammers are like warm-up tricks to them and rarely does a bead of perspiration cross their brow; they don't toil, they just land.  Except that really isn't the case and Paul Rodriguez, arguably the most talented skateboarder to ever walk the face of the earth, battling the nollie cab flip at the start of this raw outakes part proves beyond all doubt that it's the willingness to put the effort in that raises these individuals to become the groundbreaking icons of our time.

Coming from last week's amazing full length Primitive Skateboards release 'Never,' this is the behind the scenes action from one of the most closely-guarded careers in skateboarding. We're not used to seeing P Rod fail but we find it heartening to know that, just like the rest of us, he often has to dig in to get that make he so desperately craves; all the biggest hammers in the full length are broken down here and it's not irregular for Paul to battle for days on end to ride away clean.

And, let's be honest, as much as these clips are enlightening and educational to the process our favourite skateboarding stars have to go through, they're also thoroughly enjoyable as skateboarding videos in their own right. So we hope you'll join us (after watching P Rod's clip of course) in crossing our fingers & preying Primitive are gonna release a whole stack of these, hopefully with R1 favourite Carlos Ribeiro next up!